What is Null and Void Marriage?

A marriage is declared null and void before law if it violated the rules of a legal marriage. Many a times a marriage takes place under unavoidable circumstances and pressure.

A null and void marriage does not enjoy the same status as that of a legal marriage and has no value before law.

Marriage can be declared null and void under following conditions:

  • Either of the partners was already married to someone at the time of marriage
  • Either of both of the partners were not of marriageable age. If either of them was under age according to law marriage will be considered null and void
  • Either of the partners was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of marriage.
  • Consent for marriage was under some compulsion or fraud.
  • Either of the spouse was physically incapable of entering into sexual relationship
  • If marriage was in blood relation.
  • Either of the spouse is facing life imprisonment.
  • If either of the partner concealed some crucial facts about their life.

Annulment of Marriage

Annulment is the legal process of declaring a marriage null and void. If the marriage did not meet any of the conditions required for a legal marriage. It would be officially declared null and void by law. Thus annulment cancels a marriage between individuals legally.