Shocking! Child Marriages Still Prevalent in Rural India

Child marriage has long been abolished in India but in some part of rural India, particularly in rural areas of Rajasthan child marriages are still very much prevalent. In a shocking video clip two kids who are barely 10-12 year old are getting married.

Just few days back on on December 7 two child marriages took place in a rural area of Bhilwara. Niether the police nor the concerned administration came to know about the weddings. In another case reportedly from Chittorgarh a fourteen year old girl approached SDM office to stop her marriage. The girl’s family was asked to sign a bond under the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act. Under this act until and unless a person reaches the legal age of marriage he or she cannot be forced to get married. It is only after reaching to the required legal age a boy or girl can get married. Marriage cannot be forced on an individual, consent of boy and girl is necessary for getting married.

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According to a local leader of political party Child Marriages are still very common in Rajasthan as it is still backward. There is not much progress in rural areas. The government needs to pay attention in development and education in these rural areas to abolish child marriage completely.