NRI Marriage

NRI Marriage is one of the most discussed topic in Indian Society. Many Indian families prefer to marry their daughters to NRI men as they think marrying to NRI is a matter of pride and secures the future of their daughters. But in recent times there has been an surge in cases where such marriages are not genuine and the groom does not have any intention of taking this marriage seriously. Either he is already married or has some other intentions.

Such cases happen as there is no background check of the boy and girl. Such marriages fixed in hurry either by marriage bureau or relatives of bride and groom. Therefore it is advisable for both the familes to do a thorough check of family backround the groom and bride.

If such marriage is registered it will make easier for the girl to seek justice under indian law. Marriage registration prevent frauds in NRI marriage and induce fear in the minds of people who try to take advantage of girl’s innocence in such cases.