Minimum Marriage Age For Girl Now is 21

The Central Government has given nod to increase the marriageable age for women in India from 18 to 21 years. Since a very long time their was a demand to make amendments to the current marriageable age of women.  This is a welcome move keeping in mind the welfare of women.

Earlier the marriageable age for women was 18 years. A special task force headed by Jaya Jaitley including V K Paul, officials of health ministry, Ministry of Women and Child Development played crucial role in making this proposal.

Several NGOs and Universities were roped in to reach into rural areas of India specifically in Rajasthan where child marriages are still very common.  Most of the youth were in favor of increasing the age limit.


The task force has few more recommendations like introducing sex education in school curriculum, setting up of polytechnics for women where they can learn various skills to stand on their own feet. All this will help in making women more educated and independent.  Once a woman is independent and earning she is no more a burden on family and she can take her own decisions wisely. The woman’s family will also think twice before getting their daughter married too early just for the sake of society.

Marriage Age For Women Raised to 21 Years