Why Marriage Registration is compulsory?

Marriage Registration in India was not compulsory for many years. This flaw in the system made it extremely difficult to prove a marriage’s validity before the court in case of matrimonial disputes. Women’s rights as a wife and mother suffered due to lack of legal strictness in marriage registration procedures.

In the year 2006, supreme court in Mrs. Seema Vs Ashawani Kumar ruled that all marriages have to be registered no matter whatever be the religion. Women were always given a raw deal in cases of separation. Their claim for maintenance and custody of children was not taken seriously as many a times they had no proof of their marriage. But the supreme court understood the sufferings of such women and ordered the state and central government to frame rules within a given deadline and make marriage registration compulsory for all Indians irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.

All Marriages need to be registered. Certificate of marriage is mandatory in cases where their is legal dispute for property, maintenance, custody rights in divorce cases. Marriage certificate is required when applying for visa.