Kerala High Court Approves Online Marriage

In an exceptional case of court marriage the Kerala High Court allowed online solemnization of marriage. This decision was taken keeping in mind the current covid crisis due to omicron variant.

The order to allow online solemnization of marriage was passed on the petition of a Lawyer Rintu Thomas who moved to court asking for the court to direct the marriage officer to solemnize her marriage with her partner living abroad. The lawyers representing Rintu Thomas submitted to court that she had submitted a notice for her marriage and her fiance had already booked the tickets to fly to India on 22nd December, but due to current travel restrictions in pandemic he is unable to come to India for marriage. The court after giving a patient ear allowed the petitioner to solemnize her marriage online.

The court directed the concerned marriage officer to solemnize the marriage online in the presence of witness of both parties. Both the parties had to summit their legal documents like passport to marriage officer. On meeting the specific terms and conditions of marriage as per court order, the marriage can be solemnized and marriage certificate can be issued under the special marriage act.