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Court Marriage Ghaziabad is a an initiative by Sunil Kumar and Company to provide one stop solution for court marriage in Ghaziabad and delhi NCR. We provide efficient, reliable and quick services for court marriage, marriage registration, marriage certificate, same day marriage and Arya Samaj Marriage in Ghaziabad . We provide court marriage services for Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana too.

Advantages of Court Marriage

Court Marriages are becoming extremely common now a days and in many conditions it is the best way to tie the nupital knot. It requires far less formailities than a traditional marriage and the marriage procedure is completed within a few hours only. Few benefits of court marriage are given below:
  • Court Marriages are easier to organize
  • No need for huge expenses, gifts and show off which is a waste of money
  • Only Few witness required to complete the process of marriage.
  • It checks the custom of dowry which is very much prevelant in traditional marriage
  • Court Marriage procedure is completed within few hours.
  • In cases where the bride and groom have different traditions and backgrounds, caste or communiy it is the best resort as there is no need to follow traditions and customs of both families. Only Formal procedure of court needs to be followed.
  • Economical affair for both the families especially the girl’s family as huge expenditures are cut off.

Eligibility for Court Marriage

All Indian Citizens irrespective of their caste and religion are eligible for court marriage/court wedding. However there are few terms and conditions applicable to both the parties.
  • The bridegroom should be 21 years of age and the bride at least 18 years of age to be eligible for court marriage
  • Both the parties should not be a part of any existing valid marriage with third person. If already married a proof of divorce must be produced.
  • The parties should be mature, responsible and of sound mind.
  • There should not be any prohibited relation among the the parties
  • In case both the parties are hindus they can marry under Hindu Marriage Act. In case they belong to different religion or nationality they can marry under Special Marriage Act.
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